A Virtual Sales Team Committed To Your Business Development Success

Whatever Your Goals Are For Your Prospecting & Sales Efforts, Our Virtual Lead Managers Partner With You To Exceed Them

Ultra Reliable

Fluent English

World-Class Experience

Automate Your Prospecting Efforts & Scale 4x Faster

To consistently fill your Sales Pipeline with Prospecting, you need talented, affordable teammates that you can rely on to consistently enroll, and follow up with new prospects. The kind of people who will grab ahold of your vision, understand every step of your sales process and drive a stream of conversions. We’ll make sure your Virtual Lead Managers do that and more.

Our Virtual Lead Managers Integrate Into Your Sales Process & Learn Your Business Within 2 Weeks

That’s not a typo.

No matter your industry, we get intimately familiar with your companies sales pipeline & processes. We handle every step of training & management. Once they are onboard, you can expect them to enroll up to 40 new prospects into your sequences every day, nurturing your existing prospects, all while representing your business just like you would want.

Your business is in the right hands.

See The Growth Our Team of Qualified, & Affordable Virtual Lead Managers Can Bring

Every team member we hire is qualified, talented, and above all… accountable.

This isn’t a call center, this is a virtual extension of your sales team.

With Illuminate, your Virtual Lead Managers are always aligned with your company's sales processes, goals, & efforts to provide explosive growth.

World-Class Talent, Fully Trained & Managed To Help You Succeed.

We make sure your new virtual team stays on track and hit the benchmarks you set for them.

We create detailed processes, standardized language catered to your business, regularly review sales activity to ensure they are hitting the mark, & provide result driven training to optimize their sales efforts.

All done for you by Illuminate, so you never have to worry if the job will get done.

We manage the details, because you shouldn’t have to.

It's Time To Get A Virtual Prospecting Team To Do Everything You Need Done.

Illuminate Marketing will surround you with qualified, affordable virtual talent.

We document your Sales Process, & train our staff to deliver you virtual
teammates that are ready to go & grow. We’ll make sure your team is fully prepared for success.

Get a Virtual Lead Management Team to handle everything you need done in your prospecting efforts, from enrollment, outreach, to conversion; equipping your business to make an even bigger impact.

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